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Providing ingredients
to unite the world
at one table.

Enjoying food together.

All around the world, enjoying delicious food is believed to be the quickest way to achieve happiness.
Savoring the food in the company of somebody special and sharing the experience with as many people as possible can bring us even more joy.
The world would surely become a happier place if people of all nationalities, races, cultures, shapes, and sizes got a chance to gather
around the same table and share the joy and delight of tasting the same food.
Ueman Ryosyoku Seifunsho is here to help create a more prosperous society that goes beyond its boundaries by
continuing to provide new ingredients in a safe and reliable manner.





Made only from Japanese-grown
“uruchi” rice (non-glutinous rice).

food additive-free,

Gluten-free breadcrumbs made from rice.※Patent-pending technology

We use breadcrumbs to bread fried food, make hamburger steaks, or add flavor to grilled dishes.
The main ingredient in regular breadcrumbs is flour. However, the “WA-PANKO” ingredients are
made only from Japanese-grown rice. This product is safe to consume since it does not contain
any gluten (wheat flour), shortening (trans fatty acids), or any other food additives.

Used like wheat breadcrumbs in fried food and dishes that require kneading.

This product can be used almost exactly like the ordinary wheat breadcrumbs.
It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including fried dishes such as cutlets, croquettes, and
deep fries, oven-baked dishes such as gratin dishes and rice casseroles, various herb-seasoned grilled
dishes, and dishes that require kneading such as hamburger steaks, jiaozi dumplings, and meatballs.

Soft texture and unique flavors of rice and soy.

Use “WA-PANKO” to give your fried food a fresh crispier texture.
The product also boasts low oil absorption, which will help you reduce your calorie intake.
Our “WA-PANKO Soy Mix” creates the same crispy texture as wheat breadcrumbs.
The crispy texture is preserved even after the food cools down, which makes “WA-PANKO Soy Mix”
takeout food at restaurants.






Plain Type Made Only from
Japanese-Grown Rice

Low oil absorption to reduce calorie
content in your food.

By using rice flour for frying, we can reduce oil absorption by
approximately 40% compared to wheat flour.
This is particularly important for people who are trying to keep
their fat intake under control.
Our product makes deep fries, tempura, and other types of
fried food healthier to eat.

※ This oil absorption rate is based on a comparison
between regular wheat flour and rice flour.


WA PANKO gluten-free

soy mix



Soy and Rice Mix Type

Plenty of dietary fiber and 30% less sugar*.

Soy makes the dietary fiber content in our product 4.3 times* higher
compared to ordinary breadcrumbs, while also reducing the sugar
content by 30%*. It is therefore also suitable for people who are
following a diet regimen.The soy flavor will give your food a subtle and
mild aroma.

※ Compared to dried breadcrumbs produced by our company.

Per 100 grams of “WA-PANKO Soy Mix”
and ordinary breadcrumbs

Dietary fiber Sugar
WA PANKO gluten-free soy mix 20.3g 47.3g
4.7g 67.4g


Fried dishes made healthier
with “WA-PANKO.”
Our product gives your food a fresh texture and a new flavor.

* As you fry your food, the color will change and become slightly lighter.
Please be careful to not overdo it.
* As you prep your food,
please be careful to not leave WAPANKO-coated foods aside for too long,
as the mixture may come off or become sticky.
To avoid these problems, please cook as soon as possible.


Recipe list


How to make ideal batter for “ WA-PANKO ”

Rice flour 1 : Potato starch 1 : Water 2.5

“WA-PANKO” is perfect for gluten-free dishes and people with allergies.
Rice flour and potato starch can also be replaced by corn starch.

○ When making fried food, dip the ingredients in this batter before coating them with “WA-PANKO.”
○ “WA-PANKO” is ideal for preparing gluten- and allergen-free food.
○ Food fried with “WA-PANKO” is rather light in color.
Be careful not to burn it.

※ These ratio values are merely illustrative.
Adjust the actual ratio according to your ingredients.
※ If you leave the ingredients for a prolonged period of time after coating them with “WA-PANKO,” the breading will absorb the water from the ingredients and may start peeling off or become sticky.
Avoid placing the ingredients on top of each other and fry them as soon as possible.

How to make ideal batter for “ WA-PANKO Soy Mix ”

Rice flour 1.2 : Eggs 1 : Water 1

“WA-PANKO Soy Mix” is perfect for gluten-free dishes with low sugar content.
Rice flour can also be replaced by corn starch.

○ When making fried food, dip the ingredients in this batter before coating them with “WA-PANKO Soy Mix.”
○ “WA-PANKO Soy Mix” is ideal for preparing gluten-free food with low sugar content.

*These ratio values are merely illustrative. Adjust the actual ratio according to your ingredients.

Perfecting flour by focusing on delivering quality for 90 years.

The “Ueman” brand of Japanese confectionery and
traditional food for restaurants and households.

We have created a large variety of flour products according to the changes in dietary habits and
development ofmanufacturing methods and equipment. Our products are used in Japanese cooking,
traditional Japanese confectionery,and for many other purposes. Many of our customers, including both
professionals and ordinary homemakers, believe theUeman brand is a synonym for flour.

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Ueman Ryosyoku Seifunsho Corporation has implemented the HACCP system.

We have implemented the HACCP system, which serves to monitor food hygiene and has become
widely recommended all around the world. Our goal is to further improve our food safety levels.

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