Crunchy sushi roll

Crunchy sushi roll

[ serves 4 ]


  • rice 2 cups
  • sushi vinegar 4-5 tbsp.
  • salmon 130 g
  • red-leaf lettuce 2 leaves
  • avocado 1/2 piece
  • cucumber 1
  • grilled seaweed 2 sheets
  • mayonnaise to taste
  • "Cheese WAPANKO"

  • WAPANKO 1 cup
  • A_grated cheese 4 tbsp.
  • A_dry parsley 1 tbsp.

[ Method ]

  • 1Add sushi vinegar to freshly cooked rice. Mix lightly using the rice spoon.
  • 2Cut salmon into 8 equal parts. Cut red-leaf lettuce in half, peel avocado and remove pit. Cut avocado into 8 equal strips. Repeat process with cucumber, remembering to cut off the ends.
  • 3Bake WAPANKO at 180 degrees Celsius for 6 minutes and mix with A in a bowl.
  • 4Place grilled seaweed on a sheet of saran wrap. Spread layer of vinegar rice over grilled seaweed. Place another sheet of saran wrap over sushi roller and flip seaweed and rice onto roller so that vinegar rice lies on the bottom.
  • 5Add red-leaf lettuce, salmon, avocado and mayonnaise, leaving a 5- centimeter margin. Roll.
  • 6Place the WAPANKO mixture on the roll and spread evenly.
  • 7Cut to a desired size and serve.

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